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Karmonic Performing Arts Terms & Conditions


I am aware that photos and video footage may be taken of me (or my child) at anytime and may be used for advertising or for use on such medias including but not limited to website; facebook; instagram; flyers; newspaper; banners and other forms.

Privacy Policy

All private information, including name, email, phone, and home address with be kept confidential and will not be passed on to any third parties. Information is collected for the sole purpose of providing a quality service to you by having full contact and information.

Credit card transactions will be processed securely and no card details will be stored.


• Payment for the term is required in full by the end of the previous term.

• There is a term commitment for all lessons.

• If you are planning to discontinue lessons, please inform the Director immediately.

I understand that Karmonic Performing Arts will invoice termly and I will receive invoices via email. If payment is not received by the stated date as per invoice without prior consult to Shanine Farley, I will incur a 5% surcharge of the total account. I understand my scheduled classes may be cancelled or suspended by Karmonic Performing Arts.



• Due to the exclusive nature of services provided by Karmonic Performing Arts, makeup lessons can only be given if Karmonic Performing Arts has to reschedule your lesson. Makeup lessons will not be given for any other reason. Student sickness/early holidays/change of mind etc. does not qualify for a makeup lesson. This policy applies for both group and private lessons. To understand why we don't give makeup lessons, please click on this link; 

Food & Drink / Keeping Clean

• No food and drink is permitted inside the classrooms with the exception of bottled water, which may remain in classrooms in the designated area only (not near the pianos).
• Please do not touch the instruments with dirty hands. Wash your hands before you enter the classroom.
• Any damage caused to our instruments must be compensated for (repair or replacement) at the request of the Director.



• Disruptive and/or disrespectful behaviour during Karmonic Performing Arts classes will not be tolerated and offending students may be asked to leave the school at the discretion of the teacher and/or Director.


• Please be aware that certain students do not wish to have any photography or film taken of them for various reasons. The teacher's are aware of these student's and ask other student's and parent's to be respectful of this.

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