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KARMONIC PERFORMING ARTS is temporarily closed, to focus on family

Singing and guitar lessons from a professional singer-songwriter and qualified music teacher

Singing lessons are for all ages and abilities and guitar is all ages beginner only. I empower my students by helping them grow in confidence, skill, and well-being. I currently offer 45 minute private and online lessons in singing, guitar, drama, songwriting and music theory. I will be running drama groups and other group class again soon, so please express your interest by contacting me.

Hi, my name is Shanine and I created Karmonic Performing Arts. I have a passion for empowering people through the creative arts. I am a fully qualified Music Teacher with a Bachelor of Music, a teaching degree. I have experience performing, writing and recording my album, teaching music, drama and art in high schools, primary schools and have also coached and ran classes for ages 5 to 65, directed choirs and concert bands and assisted in the running of musicals, all over Australia. I have a wholistic and intuitive approach to teaching and create each lesson to suit the individual.

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